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Slot Machine Playing Tips: A Guide to Playing Class II Slot Machines

A lot of players believe that it is easier to win on a Class II machine compared to a Class III machine. Although Class II slot machines are similar to the appearance of Class III slot machines because they are both of the same size, more or less, and have touch screens and pull handles, Class II machines are usually for games like Bingo and the other types of random number generated games. They also have a central service which determines whether you win or lose the hand. Here is a useful guide that you can use for playing Class II slot machines.

1. Because Class II machines are often linked with other machines, it is believed that you are less likely to win on one which has recently paid out a winner. You might want to look for Class II machines which have not paid out a jackpot recently.

2. Another winning strategy would be to play more often. Additionally, if you are playing keno or bingo, you could try using the same numbers each time you play.

3. You can also consider doing graduated betting. This is a technique that is used by many seasoned slot machine players. The concept behind it is to bet more if you are winning and bet less if you are losing.

You should keep in mind that although these strategies might actually help you improve your chances of winning, because Class II slot machines are often for games of chance, there may be times when having no strategy and just using pure luck and instinct is the best strategy.

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18. Apr, 2011
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Slot Machine Playing Tips: Locating and Calculating the Payout of a Loose Slot Machine

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of tourists and gamblers who visit Atlantic City or Las Vegas regularly to play slot machines, then you might want to look for the loose slots in the casino where you are playing. Loose slot machines are usually strategically places in those areas where there are a lot of people who can hear and see the player winning. By knowing how to locate one of these machines, you would be able to increase your chances of winning a jackpot. Once you are able to locate one, you can then calculate the payout that you can expect depending on the money that you need in order to play. Here is a guide on how to do so.

First, you can try walking around the area of the casino where the slot machines are. Most casinos place the loose slot machines near their change booths. This is mainly because these are the areas where there is a lot of traffic, which would mean that every time a player wins, other guests at the casino would be enticed to play.

You can also go through the slot machines which are near the crossing areas, as well as those which are visible and are at the ends of rows. Try to avoid those machines which are in the middle area of rows, as these are the least likely to be loose.

Look for any elevated carousels which have slot machines. These are also the likely locations of loose slot machines because they are highly visible locations.

You might also want to consider playing at the older casinos, particularly if you are playing in Las Vegas. Most of the time, the owners of these older casinos program more of their slot machines to be more loose to keep players from going to the newer casinos instead.

Lastly, you can calculate the payback amount that you can expect to get from playing a particular slot machine. Cheaper slots usually have a lower payback compared to the more expensive ones. For instance, nickel slot machines usually have a payback percentage of about 83 percent while five-dollar slot machines have a payback percentage of as high as 99 percent.

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06. Mar, 2011
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Slot Machine Playing Tips: Tips to Win More on Penny Slot Machines

Similar to other types of casino games, slot machines usually work in favor of the casino. However, it does not mean that winning the prizes on slot machines is impossible. There are actually several things that you can do to win more and lose less, especially when playing penny slot machines. Here are some tips.

1. Always take only an amount of money that you are prepared to lose. This would limit the amount you would be using at the casino and losing, if ever you turn out to be completely unlucky. If possible, do not bring any credit cards and debit cards along, as bringing these can just tempt you to spend more than what you have previously decided to spend.

2. Look for slot machines which have the most bonus opportunities and the highest payout percentages. Through choosing to play at these machines, you would be able to maximize your profits even before spending anything. Bonus opportunities, which are usually prompted through getting a certain image a certain number of times on the screen, could boost your winnings significantly. Winning a bonus could mean that you would be able to play a shorter mini-game or you might just be given an outright reward of extra winnings.

3. If possible, play the most number of lines that are available. The amount that you are wagering is usually equal to the number of lines that you would be playing so if you would be betting a penny for each line and playing one line, it would cost you a penny for a spin, but playing 20 lines would cost you 20 cents per spin. Although this would mean fewer spins, it does increase your chances of winning.

4. Lastly, if you are winning, you could gradually increase your bet; but if you are losing, decrease your bet. This would help you in potentially increasing your winnings and decrease losses.

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25. Feb, 2011