21st February 2017, 01:29

Although slot machines are one of the first casino games ever played, they continue to be popular among both beginner and seasoned casino gamblers today. Most casinos offer a wide selection of slot machines that players can choose from which are usually able to pay out more compared to those which can be found in the past in casinos. Because of this, more and more casino-goers get attracted to playing them. There are three different types of slot machines. The most common would be the reel slot machine. Reel slot machines are the oldest and have three, four, five or six spinning wheels that have different images on them. The players should get matching images to win the... read more

21st February 2017, 01:29

Similar to other types of casino games, slot machines usually work in favor of the casino. However, it does not mean that winning the prizes on slot machines is impossible. There are actually several things that you can do to win more and lose less, especially when playing penny slot machines. Here are some tips. 1. Always take only an amount of money that you are prepared to lose. This would limit the amount you would be using at the casino and losing, if ever you turn out to be completely unlucky. If possible, do not bring any credit cards and debit cards along, as bringing these can just tempt you to spend more than what you have... read more

21st February 2017, 01:28

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of tourists and gamblers who visit Atlantic City or Las Vegas regularly to play slot machines, then you might want to look for the loose slots in the casino where you are playing. Loose slot machines are usually strategically places in those areas where there are a lot of people who can hear and see the player winning. By knowing how to locate one of these machines, you would be able to increase your chances of winning a jackpot. Once you are able to locate one, you can then calculate the payout that you can expect depending on the money that you need in order to play. Here is... read more

21st February 2017, 01:27

A lot of players believe that it is easier to win on a Class II machine compared to a Class III machine. Although Class II slot machines are similar to the appearance of Class III slot machines because they are both of the same size, more or less, and have touch screens and pull handles, Class II machines are usually for games like Bingo and the other types of random number generated games. They also have a central service which determines whether you win or lose the hand. Here is a useful guide that you can use for playing Class II slot machines. 1. Because Class II machines are often linked with other machines, it is believed that... read more

21st February 2017, 01:26

Although casino tables are usually where seasoned gamblers head to whenever they go to the casino, slot machines continue to be a favorite of most casino-goers. Although there is no technique that you can use to actually beat the slots, there are several tricks that you can try to reduce the house advantage. First, check the pay table to see if you are eligible for winning the largest prize if you would not be playing the maximum amount of coins. If you need to play the maximum number of coins in order to be eligible for the jackpot, then look for a machine which would fit your bankroll. You should also make sure that you would be using... read more

21st February 2017, 01:25

If you are a first time casino-goer, then the sheer number of slot machines that you can find at a casino can be overwhelming. Usually, it is the slot machine that beginners try out first before trying the casino tables. If you are planning to visit a casino for the first time or if you want to improve your chances of winning on slot machines, it would be helpful to first get a good understanding of the different types of slot machines that you can play on. Here is a guide that might be able to help you out. Reel Slot Machines: These are the most straightforward type of slot machines. They basically consist of three to five... read more